Tuvok Unhinged.  

Vulcans are generally known for being calm, cool, rational, and collected. But every once in a while even a Vulcan can come unglued at the seams. And our favorite Vulcan member of the Voyager crew, the one and only Mr. Tuvok, is no exception. Over Voyager's seven-year journey, we see Tuvok mind melding, Pon Farring, cake baking, wax flower making, flashbacking, emotion repressing, brain igniting, and even strolling onto the bridge sans uniform! (Okay, that last one was just a bad dream, but still....) In this episode of To The Journey, hosts Suzanne Williamson, Kay Shaw, and Zachary Fruhling compare their favorite "Tuvok Unhinged" moments in Star Trek: Voyager.  

Intro (00:00:00) 
"Meld" - Strangling Neelix (00:03:36) 
Generally Vulcan, Uniquely Tuvok (00:09:27) 
Logic Therapy (00:13:02) 
"Riddles" - Cake Baker and Flower Maker (00:14:53) 
"Endgame" - Permanently Unhinged (00:24:26) 
"Workforce" - Like a Swan (00:27:40) 
Donald Duck in Vulcan Mental Land (00:29:16) 
The Progression of "Repression" (00:31:14) 
Collaborative Botany (00:34:34) 
Rubber Ducky (00:36:13) 
Vulcan Night Clubs - Transactional Immodesty (00:39:46) 
Which Tuvok Are You? (00:43:13) 
"Flashback" - Lecturing Captain Sulu (00:43:59) 
Vulcan Counseling Sessions (00:46:12) 
"Learning Curve" - Rigid and Inflexible Tuvok (00:52:11) 
Fundamentals are the Building Blocks of Fun (00:54:01) 
Closing (00:55:27)  

Suzanne Williamson, Kay Shaw, and Zachary Fruhling  

Kay Shaw (Editor) Suzanne Williamson (Producer) Zachary Fruhling (Producer) C. Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Kenneth Tripp (Executive Producer) Bruce Lish (Associate Producer) Joo Kim (Associate Producer) Norman Lao (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Brandon-Shea Mutala (Patreon Manager)

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