To The Journey 76: Orange Is the New Harry

Character Deaths.

Starfleet officers know that they risk death every time they put on the uniform, but some seem to face it more than others. This goes double for our beloved crew in the Delta Quadrant. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan discuss the numerous and varied ways the Voyager crew died, nearly died, or wanted to die. And no, this is not all about Harry Kim, who is often regarded as Voyager's counterpart to Kenny on South Park. In fact, Char and Tristan compile a list of how many times each character died, and the results don't tally quite as expected. Who topped the list? Who died the least? Listen on and find out.

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To The Journey 75: Film Everything Without Janeway First

Casting Voyager with Larry Nemecek.

1994 was an incredibly busy year for Star Trek. Upon the conclusion of TNG's seventh season, the cast and crew went straight into production for Star Trek Generations. On top of that and the third season of DS9, they were also starting production on Voyager. And, as many fans know, the fallout with Genevieve Bujold added uncertainty as to whether a woman would stay in the center seat, putting other character roles in jeopardy—on a production timeline that was already behind schedule. In this episode of To The Journey, Charlynn talks with guest Larry Nemecek about the crazy circumstances that surrounded the casting of Voyager. Who was a lock for their role? Who made it in at the last minute? Listen on and find out the answer to these questions and much more.

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To The Journey 74: Drone Commentary

Drone Commentary. 

In 2014, where serialized storytelling is the norm on TV, sometimes a self-contained episode is refreshing. Voyager's “Drone” fits that bill with its concise beginning, middle, and end—all in 45 satisfying minutes. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan bring you a commentary for the fifth-season episode “Drone.” We discuss 29th Century Borg attire, the merits of episodic television done right, and how Jeri Ryan’s phenomenal performance episode gives us all the feels.

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To The Journey 73: Uncle Brother

Ultimate Season Five Marathon. 

Many fans would agree that it took a couple of seasons for each of the TNG-era Star Trek shows to hit their stride. By seasons four and five, however, the shows were hitting their peak with consistently high-quality episodes. Voyager isn't an exception to this trend, and in this week's To The Journey, Char and Tristan discuss the difficulty of choosing only five episodes for a season five marathon. With so many top-notch episodes to choose from, what was their likelihood of duplicating the same picks? How did they narrow their lists down to just five, anyway? Listen on and find out which episodes made their final cuts.

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To The Journey 72: Sweaty Tank Top

Top Five Action Sequences.

Boom! POW! In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan pick their top five action sequences from Voyager. They rave about Janeway's Klingon combat skills in "The Killing Game," Voyager fighting in city ruins in "Dragon's Teeth," two Federation ships duking it out in "Equinox," and more.

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To The Journey 71: Have You Been Naughty?

Darkling Rewrite.

In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan rewrite Voyager's "Darkling" from Season Three. They agree that letting The Doctor "try on" new personalities is fun and describe how they would more effectively let Robert Picardo chew the scenery. They also discuss how they would rshape Kes' romance into a deeper and more meaningful B-plot.

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To The Journey 70: Warp Off!

Favorite Son Commentary.

In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan watch Voyager's "Favorite Son" from Season Three. They ponder the plausibility of the plot, why Harry refuses to get laid, and can't help but explore all the Freudian kinkiness this episode offers. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a guest appearance.

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To The Journey 69: Lindsay Crouse is a Saint!

Casting Could-Have-Beens.

Finding the perfect actress to play the role of Janeway was a long and difficult process— especially after the first pick, Genevieve Bujold, quit after two days of shooting. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan talk about several people who auditioned for Janeway, as well as others who auditioned for main roles. Could you imagine the series being helmed by Lindsay Crouse, Patty Duke, or Joanna Cassidy? What about Claudia Christian as Seven of Nine? Listen on as Tristan and Char imagine the possibilities.

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To The Journey 68: Creepy Pleasure

Worst Aliens of the Week.

Seeing the parade of new aliens on Voyager was usually fun. But sometimes it's good riddance when you never see a person or alien species again. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan talk about the aliens they were glad they didn't see beyond one appearance. Char was glad she wasn't creeped out by Gath beyond "Prime Factors," and Tristan didn't miss the ungrateful Caatati after "Day of Honor." Listen on and find out which other aliens made Char and Tristan's lists!

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To The Journey 67: Zombified

One vs. Doctor's Orders.

Many Star Trek fans complain when a newer show "recycles" a plot from a previous series, but what if the same plot is used on two Trek shows in unique ways that make them flourish within their respective series? In this episode of To the Journey, Char and Tristan compare and contrast Voyager's "One" with Enterprise's "Doctor's Orders." We discuss the merits of having a dog for companionship, Seven's "dream" of being in the North Dakota tundra, and which hallucinations we liked best.

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