To The Journey 19: Female Bad Person

The Voyager Movie.

The Original Series had its movies, and TNG was followed by some great features of its own. Loyal fans of Voyager demand equal treatment! We don’t require much—maybe a movie that deals with snippets from each of the post-Voyager novels and rewrites “Endgame”? Perhaps a sci-fi thriller pitting the Voyager crew against an unstoppable villan? Or simply a trip back to the Mirror Universe of “Living Witness” bringing the evil Voyager head-to-head with Prime Uni Voyager? In this episode of To The Journey, Charlynn, Lorrie, and Tristan share their ideas for the perfect Voyager movie. What are yours?


NOTE: This episode contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the Voyager relaunch novel series. 

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To The Journey 18: Daddy Issues

B’Elanna Torres.

This week we show our love for B’Elanna Torres in our in-depth character analysis. From Maquis rebel to Starfleet darling, B’Elanna was a rich and well-developed part of the Voyager crew. We all agreed that she was one of our favorites. So, Qa’Pla and listen to us sing her praises. 

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To The Journey 17: Dismissed!

Badass Janeway.

Sisko was a yeller, Picard gave flowery speeches, and Kirk was uber dramatic. And Janeway, our intrepid leader? She ran the gamut from almost inappropriate banter to just plain “dress-you-down” guilt. In this episode of To The Journey, Tristan, Charlynn, and Lorrie discuss the one-liners and eloquence that make Janeway so memorable. We know you have your favorites, so give ours a listen. In her own words, “Do it!”. 

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To The Journey 16: Catfights and Catsuits

Kes vs Seven.

Kes, the sweet little innocent pixie, and Seven of Nine, the Borg who took her place. In this episode of To The Journey, Tristan, Charlynn, and Lorrie talk about the feels they had when Kes left and the “development” that occurred when Seven was added to the Voyager cast. Should Kes have stayed? Well, we know that Tristan’s cardboard cut-outs of Kes and Seven got along, so perhaps it would have worked. But, only if cut-out B’Elanna was there to break up the fight. 

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To The Journey 15: Save Him for a Rainy Day

Romance on the Love Boat in Space.

Valentine’s Day is in the air, and everyone’s fancy turns to love. Or, at least, to “like.” In our romance-filled episode, we discuss the pairings we adored, the couples that Cupid should’ve ignored, and the alien-crew twosomes we wanted to see continue. Char spills her adulation for Jaffen, Lorrie purrs for Kashyk, and Tristan again stuns us with his fervent allegiance to Michael Sullivan. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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To The Journey 14: Guilty Pleasures

Episodes we for some reason love.

We all enjoy things that are bad for us. Things like cheeseburgers, soda, and Lady Gaga. Every single Star Trek series has it’s bad episodes—and Voyager is no exception. Charlynn and Tristan discuss the episodes that they love but can’t defend. These episodes get the hatred and eye rolls they deserve but that will never stop the To the Journey crew from loving them to death. Listen in as Char and Tristan list their top three guilty pleasure episodes. 

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To The Journey 13: My Son the Amoeba


Sometimes an episode just doesn’t live up to its potential. In this week’s episode of To The Journey, Lorrie, Charlynn, and Tristan take a look at the episode “Q2” and delve into its good and bad points. We also discuss what we would do if the show had been ours to create: Q Sr. has a midlife crisis, Q Jr. confronts his role as the savior of the Continuum, and Junior takes Aunt Kathy on her own Tapestry ride when we let our imaginations run wild. In related news, Tristan confesses that in his next life he wants to write fan fiction.

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Moving down the line we tackle another in-depth character analysis, setting our sights this time on Tuvok. In this week’s episode of To The Journey, Lorrie, Charlynn, and Tristan discuss Voyager’s resident Vulcan and discover that, although he was not true to character to begin with, he quickly grew into an integral part of the crew. Tuvok became a Maquis spy, a mentor, a moral compass, and a mutiny writer. And as we find out, Tristan likes him equally as well as he likes B’Elanna… although that remains to be seen.

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To The Journey 11: Neelix Handles Your Underwear

Non-renewable Resources.

One of the many issues facing Voyager was the replacement of needed items without the luxury of going to a Starbase. In this week’s episode of To The Journey, Charlynn, Tristan, and Lorrie discuss replicator rations, leola root, and the on-again off-again difficulty of finding deuterium. Neelix’s new job as laundress is revealed, as well as Tristan’s need to see corn growing in the aeroponics bay.

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To The Journey 10: Hot Mess


Like a Janeway hairstyle change or a Harry Kim near-death experience, some things are inevitable. So it is with Voyager discussion and Brannon Braga’s hot mess called “Threshold.” Yes, we had to tackle the episode everyone loves to hate sooner or later—and there’s no time like the present. In this episode of To The Journey hosts Tristan Riddell, Charlynn Schmiedt, and Lorrie Sears mix together Robert Duncan McNeill’s performance, great character moments by the doctor, and the genius that is Neelix. With all these ingredients, who needs lizard babies? 

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