To The Journey 63: The Q and the Earl Grey


He started off as the veritable "bad boy" of the universe and the king of mischief on TNG, but some argue that he didn't exactly stay that way. In this episode of To The Journey, Charlynn and Tristan are visited by the folks from Earl Grey and finish their discussion of Q with a look at his appearances on Voyager. Both crews argue the merits and faults of "Death Wish," "The Q and the Grey," and "Q2." *FINGER SNAP followed by WHOOSH*

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To The Journey 62: CHA-KO-TAY

Living Witness Commentary.

What would you do if you woke up 700 years in the future but you felt like only a day had passed? Thankfully, you don't have a backup module like the Doctor does.  In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan do their own live commentary for the season four episode "Living Witness." They talk about pilgrim fashion sense, the correct pronunciation of our peppered XO’s name, and, of course, the importance of revisionist history. So sit back, relax, and pop in your DVD… do it!

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To The Journey 61: The Third Path

The Talaxians.

They're cooks, traders, smugglers, warriors, and narcotics dealers—just like us! We don't hear about Talaxian culture in much detail over the course of Voyager, but in this episode of To The Journey Char and Tristan get down to the nitty gritty on what it means to always have an X in your name. Would you forsake your kind and go to Earth or get cozy with a local woman on an asteroid? That's just one of the questions we seek to answer. 

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To The Journey 60: Love Bug

Season Three Marathon.

The third season of Voyager had its share of stinkers, but it also had just as many amazing standouts. In this episode of To The Journey find out what happens when hosts Tristan and Charlynn reveal their picks for an ultimate five-episode season three marathon.

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To The Journey 59: Down with the Ship

Janeway’s Best Command Decisions.

Love her or hate her, Janeway had some tough decisions to make in the Delta Quadrant. Sometimes the crew survived… and sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes she listened to the Peppered XO… and other times she didn’t. In this episode of To The Journey we talk about her BEST command decisions and why we appreciate how she had to make them. But don’t worry, folks, we’ll talk about her worst ones soon.

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To The Journey 58: Pixel Junkie

Voyager on Blu-ray.

It was a bit of a surprise when CBS announced that Star Trek: The Next Generation would receive an HD “makeover” due to the amount of work involved. However, these Blu-rays have fast become fan favorites, and now it seems likely that every Trek incarnation will eventually be released in this format. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan discuss which episode moments they most look forward to seeing in HD, as well as extras they want in addition to the episodes. Oh, and Char blows Tristan’s mind at one point in this episode.

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The Borg.

We have engaged… the Borg… on To The Journey! The TTJ crew has been waiting so long to get to this episode, and this week we delve into the big baddies of the Delta Quadrant—the Borg. Char and Tristan talk about multiple Queens, mysteries of the Collective, and if the Borg were overused. TTJ asks several open ended questions this week and we all hope that you join the conversation in the forums!

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To The Journey 56: Why We Have Fanfic

Resolutions Rewrite.

Thousands of Voyager fans have written Janeway/Chakotay fanfic to rework “Resolutions” to their liking. And in this episode of To The Journey, Tristan and Char join in. Tristan goes for the Harlequin romance angle, while Char doesn’t stop at just one episode and instead writes a three-part epic. Listen on and find out what exactly Tristan and Char had Janeway and Chakotay do in their idealized visions of “Resolutions.” And, of course, we speak at length about our favorite primate.

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