To The Journey 41: Just His Gloves

The Fight Rewrite.

Sometimes after watching an episode, don't you just shake your head and think "I could've done better than that!"? So it is with “The Fight.” In this episode of To The Journey we all try our hands at either throwing out the whole thing and starting over, or keeping the least painful parts and turning it into hopefully something better. Char has Chakotay feel the love, Tristan has the man face his defective gene head-on, and Lorrie just throws in an homage to "Rocky." What would you have done with "The Fight"? 

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Our next character analysis takes us to the lovely underground home of the Ocampa and its gift to Voyager, Kes. In this episode of To The Journey as we explore the pixie’s life from her introduction in “Caretaker” to her departure in “The Gift.” All of us agree we love her spirit and taste for exploration, and that the writers of Voyager should have used her more often. Char loves her dishing out the snark to the Doctor, Tristan loves her backwards kangaroo maternity clothes, and Lorrie thinks her telekinetic powers should have been used to do cooler things that just melting Tuvok’s face. What did you like about Kes?

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To The Journey 39: Ferengi Roulette

Star Trek Las Vegas Recap.

Sometimes it's okay to spill the beans on what happened in Vegas, and that's just what we do in this episode of To The Journey as Char and Lorrie answer all of Tristan’s questions about their whirlwind adventure in Sin City. We discuss all the Twitter meetups, the celebrity panels, and personal meetings with Trek royalty. STLV was a one-of-a-kind experience and the two ladies share their good times with you. 

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To The Journey 38: Take It Out for a Ride

Life On Voyager.

In this episode of To The Journey we get personal and share what we would have liked to have done if we were living on the ship. We choose a character, a position, and an era in Voyager’s journey. The answers really show our diverse personalities. Lorrie wants to be reincarnated as a purple alien, Char wants to return to her adolescence, and Tristan… well he wants to perform the Riker Maneuver. What would you do as a crewman/officer on Voyager? 

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The Hirogen.

Our “Aliens of the DQ” series continues on this episode of To The Journey with a look at the venerable and gigantic (albeit shrinking) Hirogen. The fine species that brought us “The Killing Game”—the holographic equivalent of Nazi-occupied France—gave our valiant crew a good fight during their arc. Char visualized them eating gagh, Tristan imagined them leaving their tiny wives at home with the kids, and Lorrie saw them in a hunting club in South Georgia. What was your impression of the Hirogen? 

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To The Journey 36: Dressed Down

Tough Love.

Everyone’s getting a good lesson in this week’s episode of To The Journey. We talk about those times when our characters needed a good smack or just a stern talking-to. Char goes for the overdramatic pip removal, Tristan loves a strong left hook, and Lorrie likes when Janeway just takes no excuses. What are your favorite tough love moments?

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What’s the Delta Quadrant’s answer to Siri and Google Maps? Why Neelix, of course! The king of the leola root is not many a Star Trek fan’s favorite, but we all agree he was a necessity to the Voyager crew. In this episode of To The Journey we take a close look at Janeway’s Sacajawea. Lorrie likes his “ask forgiveness, not permission” attitude, Char liked him when he wore spaghetti, and Tristan just generally likes him. How do you feel about the “bar rodent”? 

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To The Journey 34: Space Alzheimer’s

Fury Rewrite.

Kes was a sweet, kindhearted, loving little sprite when she left Voyager—and then came the episode “Fury.” We couldn’t let our girl go out like that, so this week we each salvage or totally rewrite the agony we saw onscreen. Char decides Kes needs to go all Al Gore in Ocampa, Tristan hooks her up with “man unknown,” and Lorrie uses the “Bob Newhart” approach. What would you have done with the hot mess that was “Fury”? 

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The Vidiians.

From the moment we saw them in “The Phage” to the mention of their cure in “Think Tank,” the Vidiians were an enemy to our intrepid crew. In this episode of To The Journey we tackle one of Voyager’s most horrifying villains, including what made them such a terrifying threat, our impressions of them as a race, and our respect for their survival techniques. Char makes us never look at Klingon B’Elanna the same way again, Tristan once again impresses us with his impressions—this time as Roxann Dawson with plastic teeth—and Lorrie might never use a quilt again without looking closely at the pattern.

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To The Journey 32: No Palm Trees On Vulcan

Blood Fever Commentary.

It’s time to roll around in the dirt in this episode of To The Journey as we watch and discuss Voyager’s legendary Pon farr episode. Vorik chooses B’Elanna as his mate, and she punishes him for it. Tommy Boy shows his creamy center as he acts like a gentleman towards the woman of his dreams. Tristan does commentary in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger… doing commentary. Char imitates… someone. And Lorrie likes the shiny-shine costumes. Get your DVD or Netflix ready, and watch along! 

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